Red Wine

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Château Naudonnet Plaisance

Owner : Mallard Daniele et Laurent
Commune : Escoussans
Surface : 25 ha
Grape Variety : 75 % cabernet, 25 % merlot
Soil : Gravel

Classical vinification bordelaise , Cold pre-fermentation maceration then long fermenting in vats and after aged 12 months in barrels.
good balanced and good tannic structure, this wine combines the Merlot ‘s fruity taste with theCabernet ‘s power. Full and complex, nose plays on note of ripe morello and chocolate also palate harmony which having a silky final reveals a growth good controlled.
The wine will do a successful wedding with a conserve of duck or pig, leg of lamb, red meat (rib steak…).
Real pleasme wine par excellence.

This bottle can be kept for 10 years.



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Château Vieux Liron

Owner : Mallard Danièle et Laurent
Commune : Escoussans
Surface : 5 ha
Grape Variety :100 % merlot
Soil : clay-sitt

Born on clay siliceous hillside.
This Bordeaux is in keeping in the classical example of the appellation.

A vintage with good ripeness, a control growth during months in barrels confer it complex flavour of bring, black fruit accentuating by a melted wood.

Structure is pleasant, balanced with fresh and fruity final.
It Gives you  an immediately greediness and for 5 years.

You can appreciate it on white meat, red meat, roast poultry or a farmer fattened pullet with chanterelle.



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Château La Croix Fourche Mallard

Owner : Mallard Danièle et Laurent
Commune :  Saint-Sulpice de Faleyrens
Surface : 2.5 ha
Grape Variety : 70% merlot, 30% cabernet
Soil : Graves mêlé de sables

WINE MAKING: Classical vinification bordelaise,Cold pre-fermentation maceration then long vatting(a month) with controlled temperature then aged in barrels.

TASTING: The dress deepness vie in intensity with the complexity of bouquet which has elegant notes of ripe fruit, vanilla and some toast flavour.

Rich to one’s licking, the attack open the door to a full and strong palate, perfectly balanced by silky tannin.

The final conclude the demonstration by a real aromatic explosion at once sweet and long.