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Fleur de Sauvignon

Owner :Mallard Danièle et Laurent 
Commune : Escoussans
Surface: 3 .5 ha
Grape Variety: 80% sémillon, 20% sauvignon
Soil: Clay and gravel

VINIFICATION: Cold pre-fermentation maceration and growing six months on lees.

TASTING: Light with a delicate bouquet ,developing pleasant flavour of hazel nut, passion fruit and honey during all the tasting, go with a balanced and long flesh.
We ‘ll appreciate it on pear pie, on a fine fish (sole, salmon…).
The wine can be kept about ten years more.



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Château Naudonnet Plaisance

Owner : Mallard Danièle et Laurent
Commune : Escoussans
Surface : 3.5 ha
Grape Variety : 40%  sémillon, 40% sauvignon, 20% muscadelle
Soil : Clay and Gravel

VINIFICATION: Cold pre-fermentation maceration and growing six months on lees

TASTING: Semillon and Sauvignon to balance each other, a touch of Muscadelle .Here is the origin of this expressive wine with intense flavour reminds white currant leaf of blackcurrant, lime, citrus fruit and mineral.
The mouth is good balanced between roundness and vivacity growing better with flower sand fruit flavour before giving a refreshing feeling at the end.
A lot of elegance.
What asking more on sea foods, shellfish, fish or on a Saint Jacques pastry with cream
This Chateau Naudonnet will be kept for years.



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Château L'Agnet la Carrière

Owner : Mallard Danièle et Laurent
Commune : Bommes
Surface : 5 ha
Grape Variety : 90 %  sémillon, 10 %  sauvignon
Soil : gravel and sand

VINIFICATION: In barrels then 12 months ageing in the same receptacle

TASTING: Majestic into it’s old gold tunic it subtly plays with its apricot and crystallized fruit aroma, which rivals with honey and a touch of nutmeg.
In aerage, these become more and more present and dominate the bouquet, completed with a touch of vanilla and quince.
The rich and full structure will find all its charm on a fattered pullet with cream serve with morel, slices of mellow or chiffonade of Aoste ham, duck liver, Roquefort…

You can appreciate it now or can keep for  half a century.